Current Work

Website update featuring current/ongoing work. At the moment, this new section includes images from two different projects. The first is based in St. Anton, Austria and was begun in January 2017; the second is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and was begun in September 2017.

The St. Anton project, titled 'The Valley', marks one of my first attempts to respond to a 'natural' landscape (although one that still bears many traces of human activity). In adapting to this different and frankly awe-inspiring landscape, my approach has been more intuitive, and I've tried to build on mood rather than structure. All these pieces are mixed media on mulberry paper. 

The new Edinburgh project, as yet untitled, is an effort to apply the same responsive sensibility to a more urban landscape. Having made work about Edinburgh before, I want to avoid recycling the same imagery or retreading my thought processes; I have also, following on from the work I did in Venice, become increasingly interested in exploring city ecologies and the nature/culture dichotomy. This project is still very much in development as I experiment with how to express these interests visually.