Venice project - first few days

My first few days in Venice have been completely overwhelming. This is a very complex city, and unlike any I've visited before.  

In the early days of a new project in a new city, my practice is to engage in a research period involving the use of photography, writing and drawing as tools for 'careful seeing', as well as investigating material about the city's history, architecture and geography, and its maps and plans. I'm learning a lot from Giulia Foscari's brilliant book Elements of Venice. Mainly, I've been walking a lot to try to orient myself...and taking advantage of the water buses!

I'll be in Venice for most of October, having been fortunate enough to receive one of the Saltire Society's International Travel Bursaries. Many thanks to them, as this experience would not be a possibility otherwise; I'd encourage any creatives out there to look into them and the amazing opportunities they offer.