Current Work

Website update featuring current/ongoing work. At the moment, this new section includes images from two different projects. The first is based in St. Anton, Austria and was begun in January 2017; the second is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and was begun in September 2017.

The St. Anton project, titled 'The Valley', marks one of my first attempts to respond to a 'natural' landscape (although one that still bears many traces of human activity). In adapting to this different and frankly awe-inspiring landscape, my approach has been more intuitive, and I've tried to build on mood rather than structure. All these pieces are mixed media on mulberry paper. 

The new Edinburgh project, as yet untitled, is an effort to apply the same responsive sensibility to a more urban landscape. Having made work about Edinburgh before, I want to avoid recycling the same imagery or retreading my thought processes; I have also, following on from the work I did in Venice, become increasingly interested in exploring city ecologies and the nature/culture dichotomy. This project is still very much in development as I experiment with how to express these interests visually. 

Edinburgh/Melbourne/San Fransisco/New York

A few snapshots of a completed wall drawing commissioned for the wine cellar of Smith & Gertrude in Edinburgh's Stockbridge. It's been a great experience working with the owners of Smith & Gertrude to create a drawing that fits their ethos and aesthetic, and an opportunity to respond to an interesting space. 

This drawing's design is based on the various cities that have provided the inspiration behind Smith & Gertrude - Melbourne, San Francisco and New York, as well as its Edinburgh setting. Distinctive elements of these cities are combined to create a unique urban environment seen from multiple perspectives, while passages of colour guide the viewer through the details of the landscape. 

Works in progress

Continuing to develop my Venetian pieces. Three works in progress, with details. Mixed media on polyester film. 

Works in progress

Happy New Year! For my first post of 2016, here are some details of works in progress based on my Venice material. These are all from smaller works (A4 and A3 sizes) on polyester film in ink, pencil, fluid acrylic, and chalk and oil pastels. 

I'm still coming to grips with translating these ideas into a visual language, but in general this series represents an exploration of the city's shifting physical and metaphorical boundaries, and an effort to reconcile the dense and impressive architecture of manmade Venice with the unique ecology of its natural environment in the Lagoon.

I've found the Eye On Venice series of great interest and help in interpreting the city; in particular, Misreading The Lagoon is a good, concise introduction to its natural ecology. 

Work in progress

A preview of some work based on my time in Venice - the beginnings of a small (A4) piece on polyester film. 

Venice - bits & pieces

Back in Edinburgh now. Spending some time going through my Venice sketches and notes as I prepare to start in on some new pieces based on the material I gathered there. Here are a few sketches from the end of my trip -

Canale di Cannaregio near S Giobbe; detail of Palazzo Falier (drawn from a video still); the Rio di S Giustina; a square near S Francesco della Vigna; and houses in Castello near S Pietro. 

Venice - last evening

It's unbelievable that my time here is already ending, but this evening was my last in Venice. It was a beautiful evening for it - the light seems to be changing with the season. 

I'll continue updating the blog as I work through my backlog of Venice photos, video and research, and begin to work on resolving some pieces using the material I've gathered here. 

Once again, I'd like to thank the Saltire Society of Scotland - this opportunity to work in such a breathtaking setting and in the context of its impressive international art scene is thanks to one of their International Travel Bursaries

Venice - sketches

Evening near Fondamenta Zattere and shadows near Madonna dell'Orto. 

Venice's light has been much discussed, especially in terms of its effect on the city's colours; it's also conducive to particular qualities of shadow.

Venice - sketches

Sketchbook pages from exploring near the Fondamente Nove, the northern edge of Venice: another interesting chimney, and a house exterior with a particularly extensive example of the iron support braces incorporated into many Venetian buildings. 

Venice - light & shadows

Three from Giudecca and the last from near the Campo dei Gesuiti.